Un-box your sales potential with Salesdrive’s out-of-the-box Sales Tools.

It’s no secret sales are emotionally driven. Buyers do not solely make decisions based on price and quality. Lots of factors determine your credibility and, consequently, the buyer’s willingness to buy. One key multi-related aspect is content experience.
  • 6 out-of-the-box Sales Tools
  • Branded & Self-configurable
  • Driving high-value interactions
  • Extendable by design

A great product is nothing without the ability to showcase it in a convincing, professional, and efficient way. This is where Salesdrive steps in.

Our comprehensive suite of self-configurable Sales Tools are designed to enhance buyer engagement, boost effectiveness, and streamline your selling process.

Proposal Creator

Portfolio Visualizer

Chart Mapper

Video Navigator

Business Locator

Interactive Learning

Proposal Creator


Seamlessly merging visual aesthetics, brand integrity, and interactive engagement, the Proposal Creator propels sales conversations into a collaborative process, ensuring tailored proposals that not only meet, but exceed prospects’ expectations.

With real-time editing and commenting features, collaboration becomes fluid and dynamic, ensuring that both parties contribute to shaping a proposal that resonates.

Salespeople can weave a narrative around the proposal, guiding prospects through the solution in a compelling and engaging manner. Visual aids and multimedia elements breathe life into the proposal, making it easy for prospects to comprehend the value proposition.

Sharing the proposal with a single click is effortless. Prospects can view, review, and collaborate on the proposal in their dedicated portal, ensuring a hassle-free process that speeds up decision-making.

Portfolio Visualizer

The Portfolio Visualizer empowers you to showcase your work effectively, leaving a lasting impression on your audience. It’s the perfect tool for professionals looking to highlight their achievements and capabilities in an interactive way.

Display your projects and cases in a visually appealing format. The Portfolio Visualizer simplifies the process of showcasing your work, making it engaging and easy to understand.

Keep your portfolio organized and well-structured. Categorize your projects, add descriptions, and include images or multi-media elements to make a compelling presentation.

Allow your audience to interact with your portfolio. They can browse through your projects, view detailed information, and leave comments or ask questions.

Charts Mapper


Providing relevant data to modern buyers is essential to validate your impact and make a persuasive business case. The Charts Mapper enables you to visualize key industry trends and craft compelling narratives to captivate your audience.

Build persuasive business cases by integrating data-driven insights into your presentations. Charts Mapper helps you create compelling narratives that resonate with decision-makers and stakeholders

Transform complex data into clear and visually compelling charts. The Charts Mapper simplifies the process of creating informative visuals that resonate with your audience

Tailor your charts to your specific needs. Choose from a variety of chart types and customize colors, labels, and data sources to ensure your visualizations align with your brand and message

Video Navigator


If you have a treasure trove of valuable videos but lack an efficient way to manage and distribute them, the Video Navigator is your solution. Whether it’s for marketing, training, or communication, this tool enables you to quickly access and share videos for a high-end content experience.

The Video Navigator consolidates all your video assets into one central location, making it easy to access and manage them.

Gain insights into how your videos perform. The Video Navigator provides detailed analytics, allowing you to measure engagement, views, and audience feedback.

Organize your videos with ease. Create playlists, categorize content, and add descriptions to help your audience find the right video at the right time.

Business Locator


Are you looking for a streamlined way to navigate your past and ongoing projects while showcasing your company’s various branches? Look no further than the Business Locator tool. This interactive map tool provides an efficient solution for project tracking and branch display.

Visualize your past and ongoing projects on an interactive map. The Business Locator makes it easy to navigate and access project details with just a few clicks

Seamlessly navigate through projects and branches with an intuitive interface. Easily filter and search for specific projects or locations, saving you me and effort.

Showcase the different branches and locations of your company. Provide essential information, such as addresses, contact details, and branch-specific highlights, all within the map interface

Interactive Learning


The Interactive Learning tool supports your organization to onboard new professionals successfully. Through interactive courses and tests, new hires are educated on product USP’s, selling methods, internal processes, and key industry trends. Such effective preparation  shortens the time to be fully productive, while reducing the burden on trainers and managers.

The Interactive Learning tool makes your internal onboarding period much faster, more enjoyable and ultimately more effective. A fully automated learning flow with the power to customize will increase the productivity of new employees and reduce the burden on trainers and managers.

Sales reps are not famed for their drive to study encyclopedia. Their goal is to create willingness to buy, which requires another layer of understanding than "just" communicating knowledge. The Learning tool allows you convey different sales hooks in an easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive way.

A key objective is to give managers insight into onboarding time-lines and how well the salesforce is educated. This means reporting and notifications can be setup to keep track of the field-readiness of your sales professionals.