Package Overview

What solution best meets your current sales challenges?

In short, the EXPLORE and EXPLORE+ modules offer a Sales Enablement platform differentiating in feature set, that is operated by you with your own content, whereas the ELITE and ENTERPRISE modules include partnership support and content creation services by our team.

A must-have content management tool to organize sales collateral, reclaim lost selling time, and shorten the sales cycle.

Starting from only
€19 /user/month
  • Content management (files & folders)
  • Central Buyer Portal
  • Present, Share and Tracking functionality
  • Buyer listing and follow-up insights
  • Offline availability
  • Optional: setup guidance, training and support budget
A powerful sales toolkit designed to showcase your portfolio, speed up proposal-making, onboard new hires, and much more.
Starting from only
€29 /user/month
  • All Explore features, plus:
  • User teams
  • Usage insights
    • Content performance
    • Sales activity
  • 6 Sales Powertools
    • Proposal Creator
    • Video Navigator
    • Business Locator
    • Portfolio Visualizer
    • Charts Mapper
    • Interactive Learning

A complete sales enablement suite enriched with custom made selling tools, proven to engage and convince buyers more effectively.

  • All Explore+ features, plus:
  • Presentation Creator
  • +150 Template Library
  • Audience properties & auto-personalization
  • Content creation services
    • Strategic workshops
    • Custom sales presentations, tools & apps
  • Tech infrastructure
    • Backup & recovery
    • SSO
  • CRM integration
  • Max. file size upload: 150 MB
  • Standard SLA
  • Setup guidance, training, and dedicated account support

A fully tailored platform, merged with existing revenue tools to streamline sales processes globally and reduce investments locally.

  • All Elite features, plus:
  • Custom API’s & connections
  • Custom SLA
  • GEO localization
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Max. file size upload: enough!
  • Product roadmap access

Excellent Presentations

Using Salesdrive, I am able to construct presentations that are more engaging and captivating, thus aiding me in maintaining my audience’s attention.

This is particularly beneficial for me as it allows me to craft presentations which are similar to short videos, enhancing their appeal and ensuring that the viewers remain focused.

Uniform & up-to-date content

Salesdrive enables a dynamic and visual experience for your customer. Your marketing team can ensure that the most updated content is used by the sales teams, which creates a uniform story across your sales markets.

For me personally, the tool is a must have in the sales process throughout several stages of the cycle. The Salesdrive team thinks together with you and consults you in how you can make the best out of your sales journey. A great tool to convert leads into customers and build brand equity!

Quick & easy prospect follow-up

Easy to use, useful for follow up sales calls (time savings & flexibility), added value when giving dynamic presentations.

Interactive business cases that quantify the value of our service

We wanted an interactive way to show our content to prospect but much more than only PDF’s or video. We have multiple cases where we have to prove and calculate the benefit of our product/services and that’s where Salesdrive fits perfectly.

Thanks to the use of Salesdrive, me and my team are able to engage more with our prospects and turning them into customers. The power is incredible and gave us what we needed to calculate and show data in different cases.

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