Salesdrive Explore is a must-have content management tool, enabling commercial teams to organize sales collateral, optimize workflows, and shorten the sales cycle.

A digital suitcase for sales reps

The Explore toolbox allows sellers to easily locate, update, present, share,
and track sales content from 1 intuitive platform.

Content hub

By centralizing your sales material into 1 intuitive platform, marketeers can easily structure, update and distribute files, while sellers no longer waste time searching for the right content.


Share your deliverables – from presentations to proposals – with your audience in 1 click.
No more worrying about heavy attachments in emails. Either send an automatic email out of the platform or copy-paste a link to the Buyer portal in your email browser.

Buyer portal

The buyer portal is a custom micro-site where your buyers can access all what has been shared with them in 1 central place. In this portal, Salesdrive tracks every movement your buyer makes, even if and to which co-decision makers the content is shared.

Track buyer movement

Each time your buyer visits the portal, the activity is logged and shown in the platform. When notified about this, you can consult in detail for how long your buyer viewed each page of content, which in turn enables on-time, informed and targeted follow-up, as you now know what your buyer paid attention to.

Sales Enablement at its best

Prospect listing, delivery capabilities and tracking insights help to mitigate follow-up chaos and create a better buyer experience.

Drag & Drop
Cloud based
Offline available
Secure selling
Super easy to use
Files and folders

From prepared sellers to faster deal cycles and more wins

  • STOP content & follow-up chaos
  • Improve the buyer experience
  • Increase selling time
  • Accelerate sales

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