Salesdrive empowers Sales and Marketing
teams to work smarter, not harder.

increase in selling time
increase in marketing ROI
increase in sales

Content management, buyer engagement, and hands-on analytics
result in a love-to-use platform to convert leads into customers.

Content Management

Sharing & Tracking

Buyer Portal

Presentation Suite

Performance Analytics

Unified Ecosystem


Content Management

Salesdrive provides a shared workspace for sales and marketing teams to manage customer-facing content.

  • For marketeers, this means having a single platform to create, distribute and update sales materials, ranging from dynamic tools to presentations, cases studies, brochures and more. This allows them to maintain full control over the brand book, giving sellers as much (or as little) flexibility for content customization as they want.
  • For sellers, the platform serves as a 1-stop-shop to locate, present, share and track content. When content gets auto-personalized per client and organized by sales funnel, sellers can easily access what they need to steer the conversation in the right direction.

Smart content management leads to higher productivity and effective conversations.


Share Content & Track Buyer Activity

Avoid too-heavy email attachments with our built-in Sharing functionality. It takes no more than 3 clicks to share multiple documents with your buyer. Instead of browsing through ten different attachments, buyers can open one link to a curated content collection.

What makes it even better?
Salesdrive Tracks real-time buyer engagement by giving an overview on pages viewed, total length of viewing time, most viewed topics, contacts to whom they forwarded the content to, etc.

Powerful prospect insights enable timely, informed and targeted follow-up strategies proven to increase succes rates.


Buyer Engagement Portal

Make decision making frictionless by providing a central place where buyers can access pricing documents, accept offers, ask questions and engage with sellers. The Buyer Engagement Portal streamlines your content delivery, allows updates on shared documents and provides a premium, personalized buyer experience. It’s a collaborative space which enables sellers and buyers to share content and communicate real-time, all while capturing insights that speed up the sales cycle.


Presentation Suite

Replace sleepy PowerPoint decks with high-end, dynamic presentations that drive buyer engagement. The Presentation Suite allows marketing professionals to craft interactive views, using our rich Template Library of +200 converting sales slides; the ones that make your sellers shine.

To save sellers time in customization, Saledrive presentations can be auto-personalized by audience type, meaning the content adapts to the person to whom it is being presented. This can be as simple as removing or adding slides, but also changing text, media or colours to create maximum impact every time.

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Performance Analytics

Which content is used the most?

What seperates top sellers from the rest?

What resonates most with buyers and where do they pay attention to?

Salesdrive dashboards provide sales and content analytics, revealing which reps and what content generate the most revenue. Managers and marketeers leverage sales and content analytics to optimize investments, while buyer analytics help sales reps to shorten the sales cycle by improving follow-up time, and tailoring messaging to match the buyer’s level of interest.


Unified Ecosystem

Salesdrive is an open platform. That means we can integrate with your revenue tools – from CRM systems to marketing automation software and emailing – to help you streamline workflows and improve productivity.  Our Software Integration team develops custom API’s to connect data in a smart way, striving to gain insights that make sellers more effective, while reducing admin time.