Generic pitches
don’t work

Start personalising presentations automatically and eliminate
time-consuming preparation time for your sales reps.

    Applied in the field by leading companies

    Tailor your presentation for every audience. Hassle-free.

    Most likely, your ICP covers multiple industries, business roles, and regions. At the same time, modern buyers expect sellers to frame the value proposition to their individual context.

    With Salesdrive, you can create a single presentation that auto-adapts its content based on the profile you’re presenting to. You decide what unique USP’s, pain points, and cases are shown per audience profile.

    Cut down meeting prep time and boost buyer engagement.

    Salesdrive’s presentation engine is a win-win for sellers
    and buyers.

    • Sellers don’t waste time editing presentations or creating/searching +10 different versions.
    • Buyers get relevant, easy to understand information, painting a clear picture of value.

    The situation


    When using Salesdrive

    • Hyper-personalized sales pitch
    • Tailored USP’s, angles, and format of slides per audience profile
    • More buyer engagement through evident value vizualisation
    • A one-time brand consistent setup by your marketing/sales lead

    Current situation

    • Generic sales pitch
    • Standard USP’s, quotes, pictures, numbers and order of slides, …
    • Low level of buyer engagement
    • Excessive time put into personalising presentations, everyday by sellers

    Improve sales effectiveness and downsize prep time for higher ROI.

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