Are your sales discovery calls
falling short?

Salespeople often rush through discovery calls, missing out on crucial information about the needs and pain points of their prospects. As a result, they present solutions that don’t align with the prospect’s situation, leading to less effective conversations.

Companies that do discovery calls with Salesdrive

Nail your Sales Discovery Calls

In a first sales call, capturing the prospect’s interest is key. Rather than delivering a generic pitch, it’s crucial for sellers to understand the prospect’s needs and motivations. This is where Salesdrive steps in. Our intuitive Discovery presentations enable sellers to actively engage prospects by uncovering their needs and offering tailored solutions in real-time, ensuring conversations are productive and impactful.

Discover needs & Tailor solutions

Salesdrive’s interactive Discovery Presentations guide salespeople through targeted questions about the prospect’s situation, uncovering their needs and pains in a conversational manner. Based on this short interaction, your presentation content only highlights the USP’s and offerings that are most relevant, giving your sellers and prospects exactly what they need to evaluate deal potential.

The situation


Current situation

  • No or limited view on buyer needs

  • Generic, non-engaging sales pitch

  • Missed opportunities & bad deal investments

  • Slow sales process, taking time to reach conclusions


When using Salesdrive

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the
    buyer’s situation

  • Productive and impactful discovery call

  • Working on deals with high conversion potential

  • Targeted follow up, faster sales cycle

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