Real-time Activity Tracking

Enable on-time, informed and targeted prospect follow-up by knowing exactly when and for how long your prospect viewed your content.

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Transform Interactions into Strategic Advantages

Utilize tracking insights to turn every visit into a data-rich opportunity for precise follow-ups.
  • Engagement Patterns
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Content Feedback
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Mitigate Follow-up Chaos
  • Uplift Buyer Experience

Improve follow-up wins by 50%

Visitor Portal

Discover co-decision makers

Find out when and to whom your prospect sends your shared content, revealing who's evaluating your proposition.

Every click, every insight

As your audience explores your Buyer Portal, every click is meticulously logged and presented in a user-friendly platform.

On-time, Informed and Targeted

Know exactly what your buyers paid attention to and deliver targeted, informed responses at the right moment.

With Audience Advantage, you have an entire toolset to take your sales to the next level. From presentation to follow-up and reporting, you have a complete picture. This has helped us tremendously as a company!

Zita V.

Operations Manager

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Tracking goes beyond just monitoring — it's your key to understanding, engaging, and converting your audience with precision.

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