Buyer Journey

Navigating through your sales pipeline
with a digitally enabled platform

Sales conversations with Salesdrive

Salespeople need more than CRM software and content to convert a deal right from its acquisition to closing. They need engaging, dynamic content and a one-stop platform that helps them share the content without trouble and analyze the prospect’s behavior through data. Salesdrive enables sales teams digitally to add value to their sales through engaging conversations driven by compelling content.

How can Salesdrive help you?

How well do you know your target audience? To acquire, convert, retain customers – and turn them into advocates – you need to engage them. Connect with them in an efficient, effective and meaningful way. Salesdrive helps you achieve it every step in the way.

Stage 1


Educating your prospects needs organised content structure and training insights. Salesdrive’s files and structures are a perfect fit for it.

Meeting with whiteboard

Stage 2


Sales prospecting has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. Traditionally, salespeople would use face-to-face visits, phone calls, faxes, and written correspondence to interact with prospects and obtain sales. They would also use very simple technologies to track each client and their position within the sales pipeline.

With Salesdrive you can create dynamic content and turn complex and simple ideas into buyer focused content for an easy and value added conversation.

Stage 3


Once you have got your story nailed down, you need to arm your sales force with technology to facilitate a conversation. That allows them to focus on the core narrative, on responding to the customer’s thoughts, instead of focusing on the next slide. A sales presentation platform supporting them to create a sales experience anywhere, anytime on any device. That limits the time they spend on meeting preparation to a minimum. That technology is available with Salesdrive.

Stage 4


If you haven’t been working directly with the ultimate decision maker up to this point, he or she will most likely be looped in, should your presentation be well received. Once this higher-up individual takes a look at all relevant materials and possibly contributes a number of other questions, a contract will be asked for. After a verbal “yes” and contract request, sale probability climbs to 80%.

With Salesdrive you can discuss your proposal on the spot with the proposal creators that converts your complex product or service into sellable entities that you can propose to your buyers.


Stage 5


Engaging with customers effectively sometimes means reminding them about what you have to offer.

Salesdrive digitally enables you to add value to your conversation every step in the way. You can also understand your buyer’s behavior using Salesdrive insights that helps you prepare ahead of meetings. With Salesdrive you can meet your prospects both in person and also remotely enabling virtual selling.

Stage 6


After endless demos and conversations, you’re confident that your prospect is ready to buy, yet he/she/the company just won’t seal the deal. Sometimes a little nudge in the right direction can get your prospect to the finish line—and that’s what Salesdrive is for.

Stage 7


At this point, the positive verbal is in, but not all is said and done until that signed contract is in your hands. It is essential to send over a formal contract complete with pricing, terms, and all other important details at this point. Most of this stuff should have been gone over to some degree during your sales presentation.

With digital e-signing contract that is in built in Salesdrive you can make this process much faster and close deals faster.

Engage with your prospects every step of the way with Salesdrive

Engage your buyers with a one-stop platform

Buyer engagement is now widely recognised as one of the best techniques for growing a business. It is used to provide sales and marketing teams with all of the information, tools and skills they need to sell effectively.

Show your potential with Salesdrive

“Today we can immediately on the spot show the client the problem and provide the rights solution. It’s not just about the software, it’s much more than that.”